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Iceland Having a Great Season Again

Iceland Having a Great Season Again

We are now past the half way mark of the key month of July and the die is cast for most rivers in terms of how their season is progressing, certainly in terms of numbers of fish. Most are doing very well with fish now pouring into the rivers. It was a very late spring/summer, in fact one could argue it still has yet to come with temperatures in the northern half of the country still hovering at 4 – 6 degrees. 

If we had warmer weather the fishing would be phenomenal. The only strange even occurring, which is likely down to the coldness, is that on the rivers in the west, the salmon are piling into the lower beats of river like Grimsa, Kjos, Thvera/Kjarra, Langa, Hitara etc but not going to the top beats which is very unusual. Some think it might be linked to fall-out from the eruption in the winter falling on the snow and now melting and coming down the rivers but this is conjecture at the stage. 

Basically, most are having great fishing with lots of fish being caught and personal bests in terms of numbers and size being achieved by many guests. 

In between looking after guests we have also been out there looked at some new trout and salmon rivers so look out for those as autumn approaches.

Fishing on Lake Thingvallavatn - Worlds Largest Brown Trout

Fishing on Lake Thingvallavatn - Worlds Largest Brown Trout

The first Frontiers clients of the season have enjoyed a great week on the Nordura River. With one half-day left to go, the team is on 103 fish which have mainly been taken off the lower part of the river. This is even more impressive given the fact that a few members of the team have never fished for salmon before. Overnight 105 fish crossed the middle waterfall opening up the upper sections of the river.

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Arbot Beat on Big Laxa

Arbot Beat on Big Laxa

The Arbot beat has produced over 200 trout so far this season and the trout fishermen have bumped into three salmon all over 15lbs. This beat, on the Big Laxa or Laxa in Adaldal which is having another good season, really does offer a unique salmon and trout combo at a great value...

Day One - Fly UK / Reykjavik and then domestic flight to the north. Transfer to your cabin.

Day Two to Four - Fish three full days for trout and salmon

Day Five - Depart the north to return to Reykjavik for your flight home.

The Icelandic price converts to about £1,895 per person to include:

Meet and greet and transfer in Reykjavik
Internal flights
Three days fishing
Use of private cabin fully catered for four nights
Guide between two rods
Transfers to and on the river

For further information and to book for this or next season please contact Tarquin Millington-Drake on 0845 299 6212 Ext 1 or at tmd@frontierstrvl.co.uk. For US clients, contact Ben Hoffman at 1-800-245-1950 or bhoffman@frontierstravel.com or Mollie Fitzgerald at mjfitzgerald@frontierstravel.com.