Explore Iceland with Frontiers

Icelandic Landscape and Adventure

Iceland is a marvel of a country that offers some of the finest sporting and recreational activities on the planet. It is a truly wild place with dramatic and beautiful landscapes which will draw anyone with a love of wild open spaces. Just to drive in Iceland is a spectacle. With the assistance of some of the best guides and experts we will help you to discover this magical country for yourself.  There is so much on offer.

Icelandic Culture and Food

With their history based around the Icelandic sagas, Icelanders are a cultured, artistic and poetic people with an extraordinary enthusiasm for anything they do. Icelandic cuisine draws its influences from a very broad spectrum. The abundance of fresh ingredients from land and sea are combined to create exciting menus that cater for all tastes. In the last few years, Iceland has emerged as an exciting gastronomic destination.

Why choose Frontiers?

Knowledge, experience and perspective

It is rare that so many of us have visited one destination we work with so often, but Iceland is in the Frontiers' family blood dating back to 1972. We visit every year and consequently learn and experience all that is new and exciting. We have great contacts and can customise pure holidays or fishing extensions. 

There is something magical about Iceland which only those that have experienced it understand. The towns are free-flowing and easy with friendly people and the country itself is one beautiful spectacle after another. Combine this with extraordinary moody weather and often exceptional light, and it makes for an atmospheric, ever-changing experience. Iceland offers an infinite number of reasons to visit, see below.

And all this knowledge costs you nothing, contact us for a chat.

For the widest choice of activities, accommodation and best dates, as well as flights and any fishing, we ask you to plan early - the best time is 9-12 months ahead. For further explanation, please click here.

Activities to Explore

Glacier Walk

The Sólheimajökull tongue extends from the great Mýrdalsjökull glacier to the sandy plains of the south coast and features intriguing, majestic formations. Join a tour with an experienced and knowledgeable guide for fun exploration of this rugged landscape.


With over 200 volcanoes, one erupts every five years on average.  Just outside Reykjavik, you can actually descend 400 ft on the Inside the Volcano Tour.

Super Jeep Safari

The best way to explore Iceland's interior terrain is via 'Super Jeep' – these are specially equipped, 4x4 SUVs mounted on  extra wide tyres – air pressure is let out to soften the bumps in off-road conditions.

Northern Lights

Winters in Iceland are surprisingly mild, though dark, and play host to one of nature’s most spectacular exhibitions of beauty: the Aurora Borealis.  They are best seen away from cities or towns and on clear, dark nights.


Iceland has more than 10,000 waterfalls, and the largest waterfall in Europe.  In some cases, you can hike behind the curtain of water.

The Blue Lagoon

A dip in the Blue Lagoon is a must!  It is a large outdoor geothermal pool with an otherworldly setting in an ancient lava field.  Open all year (near the international airport), its milky-blue, mineral-rich waters are thought to have therapeutic properties.  Named by National Geographic as one of the '25 Wonders of the World'.

Bird Watching

The puffin, a small pelagic sea bird, is an iconic symbol of Iceland itself.  The largest colony of puffins in the world nests in the Westmann Islands, just off the coast of Iceland.  Day trips from Reykjavik are available.

Whale Watching

Minke whales, humpback whales, and fin whales are found in the fertile waters around Iceland.  It is possible to join whale watching excursions from Reykjavik in the south and the best sightings – some with 98% success – are in the north from Husavik.

Equestrian Pursuits

The Icelandic horse is docile and sure-footed, known for its small stature and unique gait, the tolt (similar to that of a Tennessee walker).  The tolt makes the ponies comfortable to ride for hours at a time.

Cycling and Hiking

There are many options for day trips or week-long cycling or hiking tours all over Iceland which take you to the most spectacular landscapes you have ever seen.

Reykjavík : A city of bold contrasts

Reykjavík is a small, cosmopolitan city; vibrant and sophisticated; young-at-heart yet rich in history. A busy event calendar throughout the year ensures there is always something to celebrate.

Outstanding Cuisine

Icelandic cuisine draws its influences from a very broad spectrum.  The abundance of fresh ingredients from land and sea combine to create exciting menus that cater for all tastes.  Traditional fare is of course always available, and in the last few years, Iceland has emerged as an exciting gastronomic destination.

Cruise around Iceland

Unpack once and explore Iceland's diverse perimeter by sea.  Several top small-ship adventure cruise companies now offer Circumnavigation of Iceland departures with zodiac landings and naturalist guides. 


The southern coast of Iceland is famous for its long black volcanic sand beaches, sometimes littered with ice. Plenty of opportunities for stunning photographs.

Legendary nightlife

Locals and visitors alike flock to Reykjavik on weekend nights for the 'runtur' or circuit.  This is a raucous party-on-the-streets tradition with bars and clubs staying open until 5 a.m.  Perfect for bachelor parties.  Icelanders love live music.


There can be no more moody or dramatic landscape than Iceland. It is one of the most photogenic countries in the world whether it be the midnight sun, the autumn colours or the stunning winter. For experienced amateur, professionals and those that wish to learn, this is a superb destination at any time of the year.