Salmon in Iceland with Frontiers

Icelandic Salmon

Fascinating, visual, easy and demanding - justifiable words to describe Icelandic salmon fishing that requires innovative techniques utilising small wet or skated flies fished at variable speeds, often with multiple fly changes. There can be few more memorable fishing moments than your first take from an Atlantic salmon on a skated fly in gin-clear water. Though challenging to the experienced, it is manageable for the beginner and an ideal venue to share a rod or, with easy access from the USA and Europe, to enjoy a short stay.


Iceland has an extraordinary number of rivers around its coastline and Frontiers offers the most diverse portfolio in the country. The crystal clarity of the water affords perfect visibility, but demands caution when approaching a pool to give best results. Our experts will guide you to the best fishing for you to discover for yourself all that this wonderfully diverse country has to offer. We will want to know your fitness and experience levels and your preference for numbers of fish versus size and single versus double-handed rods.

Why choose Frontiers?

Knowledge, experience and perspective

Iceland is a place we love. We go there on holiday to fish every year. We know the rivers and the people. We know it so well we can almost tell you which fly to start with on each pool! We know where to go, when to go and how to get there. We are not alone in our affection for Iceland. Those who have fished the world over agree that Icelandic salmon fishing is unquestionably one of their favourite experiences.

We are passionate about Iceland, but at the same time we understand salmon fishing because we have fished and guided for Atlantic salmon all over so we advise with perspective.

And all this knowledge costs you nothing, contact us for a chat.

For the widest choice of fishing and best dates, with flights, hotels and any extras, we ask you to plan early - the best time is August and September of the previous year. For further explanation, please click here.

Rivers / Lodges


One of Iceland's most sought-after rivers for beauty, convenience and fish numbers, Thvera often features in the top three of wild salmon rivers in Iceland. Enjoy 26 km with 107 pools with great variety. 

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Good fitness levels are required on this upper section of the Thvera/Kjarra river to navigate the deep canyons. It is still possible to ride Icelandic ponies to reach the upper pools as generations have before.

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Vididalsa has 50 km of fishing on 100 pools plus miles more on the Fitja tributary. The Vididalsa system is easily accessible by vehicle, requiring little walking. Known for its larger salmon and superb run of Arctic char.

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Located on the north-west of Iceland, The Blandá is a larger river draining a vast area of 1003 km2. Known for its stunning, bigger fish as well as the variety of its water, there is 75 km of fishing on over 100 named pools allowing for a large amount of space for the 8 to 10 rods. 

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The Nordura ticks so many boxes in representing Icelandic salmon fishing. With a huge variety of pools, it is one of the most productive rivers in the country. The lodge overlooks the breathtaking Laxfoss, a must-see/must-fish pool.

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The Grimsa has a more laid-back style to other Icelandic rivers. It is perfect for single-handed rods and the riffle hitch method and draws guests from both sides of the Atlantic, who enjoy staying in the Ernie Schwiebert-designed lodge.

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Gin-clear water features in Iceland's rivers, but on Sela it is unsurpassed. The river drops through gorges and wild, open country offering challenging pools which require thought and observation. Larger fish and grilse, often in numbers.

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This river in the north of Iceland is like two rivers in one you can have great trout fishing in a salmon river for just four rods, catered or self-catered lodge just outside of the picturesque town of Husavik. 

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Laxa a Asum

This is a private river for four rods with good numbers of salmon on a single-handed rod, many on a hitched fly. Located in the north-west of Iceland, it is just over 3 hrs from Reykjavik or 5 mins from Asum airstrip, close to Blondous.

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Laxa in Kjos

Just 45 mins from Reykjavik, the Laxa in Kjos offers fine salmon and sea-trout fishing. The lodge enjoys stunning views across the valley. The unpassable Thorofoss waterfall, 20 km from the river mouth is a must-see pool.

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Big Laxa (Nes)

The Nes beat on the 'Big Laxa' is Frontiers' longest-standing relationship in Iceland beginning in 1970, and covers a 12 km stretch renowned for its big fish - a 20lb fish is common here and a 30lb prize a real possibility.

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Snow-capped mountains provide a year-round, picture postcard backdrop, making the Breidalsa one of the prettiest rivers in Iceland.  Fish for trout, salmon and Arctic char as the water nears the sea from a superb lodge.

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Flowing from a small dam at Lake Langvatn through lava fields to its dramatic end where it literally falls off the land into the sea, the Langa is a wonderful river. It has been popular with English rods who have visited since the late 1800s.

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Find a variety of species including salmon, sea-run Arctic char, sea trout and brown trout along Vatnsdalsa as it flows through one of the most stunning green glacial valleys in Iceland. Only 15 mins from Asum airstrip.

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Jokla (Lower)

A day on the Jökla is the ultimate in fishing diversity. You can find yourself switching from a 15ft double-hander to a small trout rod for delicate salmon fishing. Open to 6-8 rods across the main river and three tributaries.

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Jokla (Upper)

This section of the Jökla is brand new salmon water having been opened up for the first time in 2012. Frontiers' Tarquin Millington-Drake was present when the first ever salmon was caught on this water in 2013 and runs are growing.

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With 85 km of fishing, the Hofsa is a much-revered Icelandic river, and has always been a very popular destination for British and American rods. Drive along hanging tracks and walk to the uppermost pools to fish the only beat in a canyon.

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West Ranga

West Ranga offers up 15 km of productive water thanks to the smolt-release programme launched in 1989. Wide pools with volcanic sandy bottoms ensure safe and easy wading for classic double-handed rods. Very productive.

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This is a typical Icelandic river, with complex currents, clear pools, small flies and technical fishing over its 29 km. The lodge is perched on the banks of the Brúarfoss pool providing a magical setting. Good for private parties.

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Laxa y Dolum

A 25 km stretch of productive water, easily accessible by car and only 1 hr 30 mins away from Reykjavik, makes Laxa y Dolum a popular destination. 4-6 rods available with serviced accommodation, perfect for private parties.

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Deildara River

The Deildará has 27 pools over 12km of water averaging 250 fish per year. Only 3 rods available at a time, it makes for a lovely family getaway in Iceland's rugged wilderness.

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A 12 km private river for just three rods with its tributary, the Síká; each have a major waterfall that stops salmon progressing upstream. Very good sea-run Arctic char are to be found in the lower section. Small self-catered cabin.

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A jaw-droppingly beautiful and completely private river where just three rods enjoy fishing against a backdrop of heather and deep glacial valley. Its upper water is only accessible by foot. Once seen, never forgotten.

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This could be your dream river if you seek a private river with good sized fish. It is classic Icelandic river with wonderful cabin accommodation designed for a couple or family. Not the largest number of fish yet but to take this privately is a great experience.

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East Ranga

East Ranga is Icelands most steady and productive river. If you want to catch fish then this is the river to visit.

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With 23 kms of fishing from 55 named pools, the Hafralonsa is a truly wild, rugged river in the north-east of Iceland in Thistilfjordur near the small town of Thorshofn.

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Fljotaa (Deplar Farm)

Strategically located between Europe and the US, Iceland and Deplar offer easy access to otherworldly landscapes without hours of travelling. East coast US and London-based clients can be fishing or skiing on the same day of travel.

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The Sog

The right bank of the Sog looking downstream offers some wonderful salmon fishing as well as productive fishing for char with nymph and dry fly. The river has sizeable fish of both species. This is proper double-handed rod fishing for salmon while a four or five weight rod would be perfect for the char. The lodge is set by the river surrounded by great northern divers, geese, snipe and many other birds. It is well tucked away from any main roads. If you seek a charmning location on a large but clear Icelandic river, this is it!

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