Trout in Iceland with Frontiers

Icelandic Trout and Char

Iceland has always possessed incredible trout and char fishing but, until relatively recently, it has been something of a secret. Whether it be rivers or lakes, the waters are crystal clear, and the amount of trout and char opportunities almost knows no limits. The fish are wild and spectacular and will test your skills and tackle to their maximum. Iceland is one of the best and most diverse wild trout and char destinations in the world, and offers some of the most dramatic, and often unusual, surroundings you will ever cast a fly in.

Icelandic Rivers and Lakes

There are rivers with many trout, others with big trout, some prone to nymphs and dry flies, others better fished with streamers, and these can vary according to the time of year. The same applies to the countless lakes where many fish can be caught in a day or an amazing trophy of 20lbs or more can be caught on a tiny nymph. There are wonderfully strong lake-run char that run the rivers of the interior and sea-run char that arrive in summer to join salmon in some of the best rivers.

Why choose Frontiers?

Knowledge, experience and perspective

When we go trout fishing it is always a toss up between talking about the wild trout and char we are catching or talking about our surroundings. Sometimes when we are travelling or doing our site inspections, we do not believe the landscape can get any more spectacular or crazy but it does.

We have a passion for Iceland, its variety of fishing, and its landscapes. We know the rivers and lakes, the places and the people. We know when to go and how to get there. Whether you wish to focus on one or two locations or travel using your love of fishing to see the country, Frontiers can advise on the keys to a successful trip discussing your objectives in detail and help you plan. The rest is down to nature!

And all this knowledge costs you nothing, contact us for a chat.

For the widest choice of fishing and best dates, with flights, hotels and any extras, we ask you to plan early - the best time is August and September of the previous year. For further explanation, please click here.

Rivers / Lakes

Lake Thingvallavatn

Test your skills in your quest to fish for monster brown trout along the shores of Lake Thingvallavatn, one of Iceland's largest lakes. The trout have to be seen, or felt, to be believed.

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West Ranga

Well known as a salmon river too, the upper beats of the West Ranga river have 30 km of trout water running through lush farmland in south-western Iceland with big wild, wild fish in clear water.

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Lake Tindavatn

The incredible landscape surrounding Lake Tindavatn offers up an otherworldly experience far from the norm.  Just getting there is an experience in itself and should be enjoyed. Extraordinary fishing.

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Located in the north of Iceland and above the well-known salmon waters, Laxárdalur offers over 32 km of excellent brown trout fishing, divided into 15 beats, each accommodating between 1-3 rods.

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Tungnaa River

A relatively unexplored river having evolved as a result of a diversion of glacial water, the now clear waters of the Tungnaa are home to trout and char in abundance.

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Around an hour's travel time south-east of Reykjavík, this is a destination that most fishermen want to get to. Large brown trout reside here - fish from 5 to 10lbs are sometimes caught, while a 20lb monster was caught in 2001.

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Laxa (Arbot)

Internationally renowned as one of the most famous fishing rivers in Iceland for salmon, to those in the know the Laxa offers some of the most exciting brown trout fishing too. A wonderful private cabin offers rest after a testing day.

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Lake Ljotipollur

The trout are not big but the experience is grand! From simply driving there to the spectacle upon arrival, and then of course descending into the crater and catching beautiful wild trout on dries, it is like nothing experienced before.

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Fascinating river and lake combination with some huge brown trout and char up to 15lbs. The river is a constant 12 degree and always so good fishing all season long.

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A small but lengthy trout river with great hatches and good dry fly and nymph fishing. Fish can go to 5lbs or more but the average is more in the 1.5 to 2lbs range. Great to take privately with a nice little lodge.

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A great experience for a day or two, catch strong char and the occasional trout among the waterfalls and canyons of this beautiful, remote, wild river. With miles of river to fish you can spend several days and experience it

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Deildara River

The Deildará has 27 pools over 12km of water averaging 250 fish per year. Only 3 rods available at a time, it makes for a lovely family getaway in Iceland's rugged wilderness.

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This river in the north of Iceland is like two rivers in one you can have great trout fishing in a salmon river for just four rods, catered or self-catered lodge just outside of the picturesque town of Husavik. 

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The Sog

The right bank of the Sog looking downstream offers some wonderful salmon fishing as well as productive fishing for char with nymph and dry fly. The river has sizeable fish of both species. This is proper double-handed rod fishing for salmon while a four or five weight rod would be perfect for the char. The lodge is set by the river surrounded by great northern divers, geese, snipe and many other birds. It is well tucked away from any main roads. If you seek a charmning location on a large but clear Icelandic river, this is it!

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