Arctic Char in Greenland with Frontiers

Greenland Arctic Char

When it comes to arctic char Greenland is the land of plenty. There are places with bigger fish but none with more. Most of the fishing is from rivers and lakes very close to the sea so the char are usually fresh in that day. The fish are truly beautiful and their colours reflect the colour and clarity of the water they are running. Some are therefore mint silver with green backs and pink spots, others are milky grey. They average 2 to 3 lbs but fish up to 10lbs can be caught.



The majority of rivers you fish are short and clear and you generally walk up them from the sea. You can often see char running the river as you walk up it and they can be caught in and around the estuaries. There is one stunning place where the river literally drops into the fjord and huge numbers of char gather below the falls and can be watched jumping much of the day. If the right flies are used the char are free taking but changing flies regularly is advisable.


Why Choose Frontiers

We are not sure if visiting Greenland is an excuse to go fishing or if fishing is an excuse to go to Greenland, you tell us and we'll look after you.

We have researched Greenland extensively and we can direct you to hard core fishing camps that focus purely on fishing one or two rivers. We can also arrange some pretty wonderful non-fishing experiences in Greenland too. Partly because the fishing is so good and partly because there is so much more to Greenland than the fishing from both a cultural, scenic and wildlife point of view we believe that being amongst the local villages and seeing different watersheds each day and thus new landscapes, farms and settlements is the way to go and is great added value.

And all this knowledge costs you nothing, contact us for a chat.

For the widest choice of fishing and best dates, with flights, hotels and any extras, we ask you to plan early - the best time to plan is August and September of the previous year. For further explanation, please click here.

Rivers / Lodges

Fljotaa (Deplar Farm)

Strategically located between Europe and the US, Iceland and Deplar offer easy access to otherworldly landscapes without hours of travelling. East coast US and London-based clients can be fishing or skiing on the same day of travel.

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South Greenland Flyfishing

The whole essence of this southern Greenland fishing programme is to not only enjoy the excellent arctic char fishing but enjoy Greenland itself and see difference watersheds, varying rivers and lakes as well as get a flavour of the Inuit culture. Based on flights from Keflavik airport to Narsarsuaq, you can stay in Greenland for either one week or four days of fishing.

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