Tackle & Equipment

Tackle and Clothing

Due to the variation of rivers and lakes in Iceland, we recommend specific rods for each job in each location. For the salmon fishing, flies usually vary to those used elsewhere in the world. This particularly applies to size and colour of hook. Floating lines are the norm but sink-tips are worth having tucked away. Leaders should always be clear and are often lighter than you think due to the clear water and the need to ‘swim’ very small flies. As with any northern fishing, layered clothing and quality waterproofs are vital. Though wading is rarely deep or dangerous, we always recommend chest waders for the flexibility to cross rivers. In Iceland, you are never very far away from a vehicle so it is usually possible to leave extra layers in the car. Frontiers provides its guests with comprehensive pre-trip information upon booking. Please see below for our recommended Icelandic tackle supplier and enjoy a 5% discount.

Important - Tackle Disinfection

In order to protect the quality of its salmon fishery, Iceland exercises a number of protective measures. Iceland has been relatively free of freshwater diseases and maintains a strict disinfection policy for tackle and waders imported by visiting anglers. Chapter X of the Freshwater Fisheries Law of 1970 prohibits the use of fishing equipment that has been used for angling abroad, unless such equipment has been disinfected according to valid rules. A certificate of disinfection issued by your local veterinary office will be accepted at the airport when you enter Iceland. The certificate should be clearly worded on officially headed paper with an appropriate stamp of approval. Alternatively you can have your tackle disinfected at the airport on arrival. Your cooperation for a clean and healthy environment will secure a bright future for the wild Atlantic salmon. Please see below for more details on tackle disinfection.

Guidelines for Disinfection

Your cooperation for a clean and healthy environment will secure a bright future for the wild Atlantic salmon.

The equipment should be immersed in the disinfection solution for 10 minutes and then dried with a soft cloth. Examples of approved disinfectants are as follows:

  1. Virkon (1% solution)
  2. Virex (1% solution)
  3. Caustic soda (0.2% solution)
  4. Crystalline soda (5% solution)
  5. Setex (0.3% solution)
  6. Korsolin (3% solution)
  7. Formalin (2% formaldehyde solution)
  8. Phenol solution (2-5% solution)

The company Kefparking operates a fast 24-hour disinfection service at Keflavík International Airport for the price of 4,900 ISK (approximately $40) per person, including fishing-related accessories such as waders, reels and fly boxes (up to five items). Additional items are charged 300 ISK per piece. Contact Kefparking by phone at +354 425 6400 or e-mail at kefparking@kefparking.is.

If your equipment is not sterilized before arrival, you may experience a short delay and additional expense at the Keflavik Airport while your equipment is sprayed. Please ask us for a sample veterinary letter.

Veidihornid Tackle Shop

Iceland’s largest, award-winning, tackle shop with tackle, flies, pick-up or delivery service and rental tackle available.

Veidihornid is family owned and operated.  Oli and Maria founded the business in 1998 when they bought the oldest tackle shop in Iceland (established in 1940). They have grown the business every year and are now the largest fishing tackle shop in Iceland. They have won several awards and recognitions in Iceland such as ‘Shop of the Year’ and ‘Strongest in Iceland’.

Oli, Maria and their staff are proficient anglers with decades of experience on most waters in Iceland. They have carefully selected the brands they believe in and use themselves: Sage, Simms, Winston, Tibor, Waterworks-Lamson, Rio, Scientific Anglers, Abel, Einarsson, Redington, and more. Through the season they carry a large stock of all products, such as waders in all sizes for both men and women.

Their fly selection is amongst the best in the world covering all the great Icelandic flies, which are so important. Their experienced staff are able to choose the best fly selections for each river or lake, based on water conditions, and the time of the year. They offer a service to pick up customers from their hotel to bring them to the shop if needed. Alternatively, they can deliver pre-ordered flies to await Frontiers’ travellers at their hotel. They also rent equipment such as rods, and reels, waders, and jackets if needed.

Veidihornid is open 7 days a week: Mondays to Fridays 9 am to 6 pm; Saturdays and Sundays 10 am to 4 pm. They also operate an out-of-hours service number and gladly open the shop whenever needed. Veidihornid is a Tax Free Shop, meaning customers get 15% of purchases repaid. In addition they offer all Frontiers’ customers a 5% discount: contact us for your code.

Address: Veidihornid, Sidumuli 8, 108 Reykjavik, Iceland
Phone +354 568 8410. Out-of-hours service number +354 696 4700
Website: www.Veidihornid.is (Icelandic only)

Cameras and Other Equipment

Apart from airline allowances, Iceland is a country where you can take lots of equipment, because you are so often using a vehicle to get around. The photographic and video opportunities are virtually unlimited and warrant a full complement of gear!

We suggest a full-frame SLR camera if possible. For the very keen, we suggest two cameras to minimise lens changing and avoid dust. For SLR cameras we recommend a sharp wide angle for landscapes. Other more powerful lenses are also good for landscape and action too. 200mm upwards are recommended for birds and other wildlife, and we recommend using bean bags for resting a big lens from car windows. A tripod is vital. Although software can almost avoid their use, we still recommend neutral density filters, both graduated and full spectrum. A good rugged camera bag is important with some ability to waterproof. For video, there is a wide choice of video equipment according to objectives but a GoPro with various attachments is very versatile for Iceland. It is best to bring all equipment with you rather than try to purchase it on arrival.

Clothing needs to be of top quality. There is nowhere that will test outdoor clothing better than Iceland. Layering is the key from base layer to medium and heavy weight. We recommend the Nano Puff system by Patagonia for best results and a balance between warmth, weight, compressibility and durability, but other brands also excel. Good outer rainwear is vital. Once out of Reykjavik, rugged outdoor shoes and boots are best. Sharp lava rock is never far away.