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Fieldsports - Fishing, Shooting, Hunting

The sporting travel world has changed dramatically since Frontiers opened its doors in 1969 but the core need for sound, experienced advice remains as imperative as ever, if not more so. The key to a travel advisory service is a good understanding and trust between client and advisor and nothing beats experience and knowledge. Frontiers has been involved with developing some of the great sporting destinations such as saltwater fishing on Christmas and Alphonse Islands, salmon fishing in Iceland and Russia, the sea trout fishing and dove shooting in Argentina to name a few. Such destinations all have a household reputation today. Since 1969 our knowledge and ability to advise on sporting destinations around the world has only increased. Click here for more info.

Elegant Journeys and Bespoke Travel

As Frontiers' reputation grew in outdoors travel, the Elegant Journeys or Bespoke Department was created in 1983 to respond to increasing requests from our discriminating clientele to assist with deluxe, customised itineraries in addition to their sporting trips. They expected the same core philosophies upon which the company was founded: personalised service, attention to detail and first-hand credibility. We delivered! Now, more than three decades later, this branch of Frontiers is thriving with a loyal, savvy client following.  Widely recognised as a top leisure agency we are part of Virtuoso, Four Seasons Preferred Partners, The Dorchester Diamond Club, Belmond, A & K, Linblad Expeditions, Seabourn and Silversea Cruises. Put our expertise to work for you. Click here for more info.

A modern company with a long history

Founded in the United States in 1969, and in the UK in 1993, with more than 60 staff between two offices, Frontiers is based on three core values to which it adheres.

  • Getting to know our clients and listening intently to their objectives.
  • Candid advice on those objectives based on first-hand knowledge and years of experience.
  • A professional, contemporary travel service executing an agreed plan.

Come for the destination, stay for the relationship...

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Meet the team - USA

Fishing in Iceland has been at the heart of Frontiers nearly since its inception

Our late founder and CEO, Mike Fitzgerald, Sr. first fished Iceland in 1972 and returned annually for 35+ years.  Mike’s daughter, Mollie Fitzgerald has 30 years’ experience fishing and travelling the world and made her fifth trip to Iceland this year and 10-year Frontiers’ veteran, Ben Hoffman spent several weeks salmon and trout fishing in Iceland this summer.

The administration of your Iceland itinerary will be capably overseen by Leigh Buches and Anne Uram, both of whom have toured our favourite Reykjavik hotels and explored 'off the beaten track' sightseeing excursions.  We stand ready to help you compare and contrast the options and flawlessly execute your booking.

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Meet the team - UK

All the Frontiers' team have been to and travelled around Iceland

Here is some advice from the team with over 30 years combined experience in Iceland...

"The earlier you plan, the more choices for flights, rivers, hotels and extensions." Fliss Hewetson-Brown

"Light lines for clear water pay great dividends, a 6 or 7wt is perfect on most rivers." Angus Walton

"Keep changing...flies, speed and angle, skated or wet, something will work!" Tarquin Millington-Drake

"Don't forget to look up and drink in what's around you, it is stunning." Henrietta Strutt

"No matter how long you are there, short break or two weeks, take your time to enjoy." Lara MacDonald

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Worldwide Destinations

Freshwater Fishing - Northern Hemisphere

The Northern Hemisphere offers amazing and diverse fisheries - from the remote and prolific waters of the Ponoi on Russia’s Kola Peninsula to the more accessible streams and rivers of the American West. Catch a selection of species while staying in an array of accommodation from tented camps to luxury lodges. Click here for more info

Freshwater Fishing - Southern Hemisphere

The Southern Hemisphere boasts some of the largest unspoilt wildernesses in the world. By definition these areas are relatively uninhabited and, as luck would have it, there exist rivers and streams with incredible fish populations well worth making the journey to go in pursuit of. Click here for more info

Saltwater Fishing

Frontiers is a company with its roots in the world of saltwater fly fishing. We evolved the concept of salwater destination fishing and put some now famous destinations, such as Alphonse Island in the Seychelles and Christmas Island, on the destination map.


Since 1969 shooting has been a major part of Frontiers’ portfolio. In that time, lasting relationships have been formed with shoots and shooting operations around the world that have stood the test of time, and have provided both guns and non-shooting companions with the most memorable experiences.

Wildlife & Safari

'Safari' is a Swahili word meaning 'journey' but our safaris and wildlife experiences are not just centred on Africa. From seeing penguins underwater in the Galapagos or watching bears fishing in Alaska to tracking gorillas in Uganda's rainforests and tigers in India, these are bucket-list experiences that Frontiers can arrange for you.

Cultural Journeys

We excel at tailor-made journeys to fascinating regions of the world: insider access with specialist guides will immerse you in local cultures. Using our first-hand knowledge, each itinerary is planned to suit your interests, preferences and budget to maximize your enjoyment. We save you valuable time and you avoid the stress.

Family Friendly

Family holidays are precious and we understand that they must be meticulously planned with a balance of enrichment and fun for the whole family. Many of the Frontiers' team are parents who travel with their children and know from experience what makes the perfect family adventure, like the importance of a pool after a day’s sightseeing!

Oceans and Islands

Recharge your batteries under clear blue skies on white sandy beaches. Whether your perfect holiday is an intimate island hideaway, a sophisticated resort with every watersport imaginable or a catered private villa with dedicated staff, we can direct you to the most alluring ocean and island destinations at the right time of year.

On the Water

Cruises remain one of the most civilised ways to reach the world’s more remote regions. Unpack just once and wake up refreshed and ready to explore in an amazing new place each day. The all-inclusive nature of many private yacht charters, canal barges, small-ship adventure and traditional cruises make them some of the best value in the travel industry.

Short Breaks

Want to stay in a palazzo on the Amalfi Coast, sample wines in Cape Town or the Napa Valley, relax at a destination spa, visit the theatre and shops in New York or the souks of Marrakech? We can plan the perfect break. We make restaurant reservations, book excellent guides to show you hidden gems and of course, get you the extra amenities included at top hotels.